Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Of Playing Cards And Legos

 Yesterday after we got home from the parade (and cooled off from the heat) Dave and Grace sat down to build one of the Lego birds from the set we gave her for her birthday. While they were building Legos Emma and I played a few hands of cards. First up: Go Fish. 
"Mama, do you have any queens?" 
After we were done with Fish I taught her to play War and Crazy Eights. She loved both, but War was clearly her favorite. Luck was definitely on her side as she was the clear winner of the first (and second) game we played! 
Just about the time we were wrapping up game number two of War, Grace appeared with her newly built Lego creation: a European Robin. 
This thing is truly amazing (not to mention so very heavy) and she was super proud of this build. It has found a home in the library on our new Lego shelf where I am sure that it will stay for many, many moons. It's a perfect spot for this most gorgeous creation! xo

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