Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today's Adventure

With how glorious today was, and with Dave having the day off today, we deiced it was the perfect opportunity to head to Plymouth and spend the day at Plimoth Plantation. The one other time we had visited was when the girls were really little, and with Grace learning about the Native People this year it felt like it would be a good time to finally head back. As an added bonus, since it's still early in the school year, we figured we wouldn't encounter any field trips there just yet (and we were totally right)! 
Our first stop was the Wampanoag Homesite. It is truly wonderful to live near so much history, and to get to see first hand how the Native People lived back in the 1620s.
Learning about the Native People. 
View from the top of the fort. 
Since we were right there we figured it would be good to stop by the Mayflower II before we ended our visit. We had not been to the Mayflower II before, and it really was very neat to get to explore the ship the Pilgrims came over on (even if it is only a replica). 
We couldn't have asked for a more glorious day for this adventure! Being able to travel back in time and see history come alive before our very eyes is such a gift! xo


  1. Oh how lovely! We visited the Mayflower years ago on holiday and loved it too - the original first set sail from my hometown of Dartmouth in Devon but was damaged in a storm and put in at Plymouth to repair so it felt very special to see where it ended up!

    1. That's so cool that you live where the original set sail! How neat to know where it started and to see where it ended! xo

  2. Your photos capture everything so beautifully. I love the photo of the view from the hilltop and everyone sitting inside the big huts. Not sure what they're called. Lol!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks, Wendy! Those pictures (along with the pumpkins with the broom) are some of my favorites too! It was such a lovely day and I am so glad that it all fell into place so absolutely perfectly! xo