Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Afternoon Knitting

Thursday afternoons will now be spent at this sweet yarn shop in Worcester. Since my knitting skills are not as far along as I'd like by now David and I decided that it would be wise to sign the girls up for the children's knitting class that takes place on Thursdays. I had wandered into this shop while the girls were at farm school one time last spring and I instantly knew that this was where we should all learn.

The minute they set foot into the shop this afternoon I could tell how much they instantly loved it. It's such a beautiful space and everyone is so very nice! The girls chose their yarn and loved watching as Miss Leslie used the swift to form it into a ball. I knew without them saying a word that they were already dreaming of owning their own swift (and my suspicions were confirmed as we walked to the car after class). The one other member of the class is a girl who is a few years older than Grace and Emma and who's also a homeschooler. This wouldn't be so surprising if it was a daytime knitting class, of course, but with it being in the late afternoon we really didn't expect to meet another homeschooler, much less for the class to be made up entirely of homeschooled kids!

The girls knit and chatted and before we knew it the hour had quickly passed. Grace was thrilled to finally learn to purl, and Emma was happy to spend the entire time on her beloved knit stitch. I have to admit I found myself wishing that I had brought my knitting needles with me so that I could have joined in the fun, too. Perhaps I'll cast on for a project of my own and bring my needles with us next week! xo

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  1. How fun! I definitely think you should bring your needles next week :)