Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dear Grace

Dear Grace,
Ten years ago you made our dream of becoming parents a reality! You and your sweet ways entered the world on a lovely July night at 6:56pm and we have been all the better for it ever since. Thank you for all the love, kindness, compassion, generosity and sweetness you have brought to our family and to the wider world as well. The world needs more of this always, but especially lately where it just feels like there is not nearly enough goodness to go around. Thankfully, in our sweet old farmhouse there is always more than enough!

Our wait for you was long, longer than we would have liked, but goodness darling girl, it was so completely worth it. Being your mama is such an honor and truly the best job I've ever had. Being able to spend each and every day with you and your sweet sister is more amazing than my wildest dreams could have conjured up. I have loved witnessing every new milestone, every age and every stage you have gone through. While some of them may have had some more bumps in the road that we both would have liked I cannot say that there is one age that I haven't loved. Each one is just more amazing than the last, and I have no doubt that ten (and this next decade) will be just as magical!

As the years go on and life throws you bigger, more complicated emotions and issues please know that we will always be here to help you navigate them. There will surely be some things that you experience that we cannot fix (as much as we might like to) but the one thing that I can guarantee you is that we will always be here to listen and hold you safely in our arms as you figure out those things that only you and your heart will know the answers to.

Sweet girl, as you head into this next stage of life I have no doubt that you will continue to spread sweetness and love wherever you go and that you will continue to make this world a more beautiful place. You are a rare soul, Grace Elizabeth, and we are all the better for knowing you. I've often said that you and your sister are "old fashioned kids living in a modern world". I'm not sure that there is a better way to describe you (both). I hope that as you get older that you will continue to hold on to that "old fashionedness" and pass that knowledge and skillset on to those who come after you (and even those who came before you who might now have had a chance to learn these things when they were younger).

I wish you a magical rest of the day and a wonderful year ahead. Thank you for an amazing ten years. I look forward to a lifetime more.


  1. Happy birthday Grace, and happy birthing day to you Shel. xo