Saturday, July 2, 2016

Presidents And First Ladies

When the girls and I were in Connecticut at the beginning of June my mom sent us home with a bunch of stuff that she thought might be fun. Today, as we were tackling our to-do list, we opened up one of the bags that she had sent back with us and discovered three boxes of flash cards from when I was a kid. One was the states, one was the Presidents (to the first President Bush) and one was the First Ladies (which, incidentally had never been opened). The girls were absolutely intrigued with the boxes containing the cards of the Presidents and First Ladies, and decided that they just had to match up the husbands with their wives! Thanks, mom, for sending us back with these cards! The girls had a fabulous time matching the Presidents with their First Ladies! It was an absolutely perfect way to spend some time on this Fourth of July weekend! xo

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