Monday, July 11, 2016

This Summer

Summer homework Waldorf style!

Though we don't have any "rising second graders" we just love this "summer homework" so much so that we've decided to make this part of our summer this  year, too. Along with the summer homework you see above, we are also participating in the Simple Homeschool Summer Book Club and Little Acorn Learning's Slow Summer. These things speak to our souls.

I've also been thinking lots about this blog and what I want and need from it over the summer. I love sharing our days and I love updating it with all the fun adventures and things we do, but I think that I also may take bit of a break. Or at least a break from daily posting. I've been more lax in my posting recently, not feeling so compelled to do so over the weekends and not worrying if I don't post each day. There will surely be weeks where I post each day, and there will surely be weeks where I don't post anything at all, but you can be guaranteed that when there is something worthy of sharing it will be here in this space.  xo

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