Friday, July 15, 2016

Let The Birthday Celebrating Begin!

In our family July is known as the "birthday month". It used to be that David kicked off "birthday month" but now that our nephew Henry was born on July 5th he'll take the first slot and then David will follow on the 15th, Grace on the 16th, my brother on the 19th and my mother on the 26th. Even though we did not celebrate Dave until this evening I thought it was only right to start this post off with his birthday one final time!
 This picture is so them. It captured their personalities perfectly!
 Our day really began with a trip to Hartford to meet up with my parents to acquire the newest addition to the birthday ring. And since we were in Hartford on Grace's birthday eve it seemed only right to celebrate with a stop at the Bushnell Park Carousel. If ever there was a perfect way to end your single digit birthday's this is it!
 And seeing how we were together we couldn't pass up the chance to bring Gramma Terri an early birthday present. Please pardon the less than stellar pictures as the lighting in the restaurant was not grooving with my phone.
Presents from Gramma Terri and Grandpa Gene for the one who made them grandparents ten years ago!
My dad truly never ceases to amaze with each new addition to the birthday ring! I cannot wait for the girls to see the fairy with the 10 tomorrow morning! This piece is sure to be an instant fave (goodness knows it was for me)! xo

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