Monday, May 15, 2017

At The Gala

Saturday night we all got dressed up to attend the dance team gala! We had heard this was quite the fabulous evening, but we had no idea truly how fabulous until we arrived! First up, making sure we got a picture of the minis together before the night got away from us. 
After dinner, it was time for the awards portion of the evening. Lauri, Cindy and Michael each took turns talking about each member of the teams that they coach. Each girl was given a special award that spoke directly to what her coach saw in her over the course of this past year. Grace's award was the beautiful ballerina award. "This dancer was very appropriately named. She is very grateful and a beautiful dancer and because of that I gave the "Beautiful Ballerina" award to Grace Tscherne!" 
Along with the award, each girl was also given a framed copy of the team picture, 
as well as a trophy. 
The minis were super excited to give Miss Lauri their thank-you gift.
All forty-three members of the 2016-2017 Center Stage Dance Team. 
After everyone had raided the amazing dessert table, each team performed their comp dances for the crowd. First up: the minis!  And though I know we'll see them all dance these dances again at the recital next month, there was something wonderful about watching each group get on that dance floor Saturday night. 
The gala was definitely the perfect way to end our first year as a dance team family! It was so wonderful to be able to come together and honor the hard work and dedication of each dancer, as well as their incredible coaches. The friendships that we all made, and the confidence and skills that Grace gained over the course of this year, truly are the cherries on top of the sundae that is the CSDS dance team program!

Thank you, Lauri, for encouraging Grace to try out for the dance team (almost) one year ago. Watching her grow as a dancer, and in confidence in so many other areas too, has been such a gift! Thank you for all that you did for each member of the mini team. Our only regret is that the year flew by way too fast! xo

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