Monday, May 22, 2017

Celebrating Ten Years

Yesterday we attended the 10th anniversary celebration for Drumlin Farm Community Preschool! You may remember that Emma was a member of the Crickets class during the 2011-2012 school year. It was so lovely to be invited back to celebrate a decade of this amazing program. 
A little folk dancing to start the celebration! 
 The song they are dancing to in this picture is one from Bulgaria. 
 After the dancing it was time for some speeches and the big reveal of the new school logo. 
Waiting for the hayride to arrive. 
 It was lovely to see this sign again. 
On the days that the kids were at the nature center this sign always greeted us when we arrived. 
 Emma (the only Cricket alumna) with some of the current members of the Crickets class. 
 Sporting her new shirt. 
 Rina and Screech Owl Number 4. Rina was one of Emma's teachers when she was a Cricket. It was lovely to see her again! 
It was so wonderful to be back! The only way that yesterday could have been any better would have been if some of the children that Emma was in Crickets with were able to be there too. Other than that it truly was a stellar day! Drumlin Farm Community Preschool was such a blessing to all of us, and it was lovely to see that it had grown so much yet remained the same in the years since we were there. I am so glad that Emma got to experience life as a Cricket. The days spent outside (in all types of weather) and the things she learned then have stayed with her (and with all of us) in the years since. Being there yesterday was just like coming home. It was wonderful to see Emma remember so much about her days there. As we walked along, from place to place, she would reminisce about the many adventures she and the other Crickets had together. Ten years from now and ten after that and ten after that I know she will continue to look back on that year at DFCP with such joy. We hope that this wonderful school continues for many more decades to come, and that they continue to hold gatherings every decade too. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to plan this wonderful event. Much like her year as a Cricket, it is a day we shall never forget. xo

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