Saturday, May 27, 2017

Last Page Day!

And just like that another year of morning lessons has come to an end! With the last page completed in their main lesson books yesterday we now shift into our summer rhythm. They had such an amazing year of morning lessons. This was a year of growth, of independence and of confidence. It was the year of "I've got this, mama" rather than "I need your help, mama". And I have to admit that while it was lovely to see them grow so very much, and be so independent, it was also a bit bittersweet as well. I had to spend some time finding my way now that I wasn't needed so very much during lessons this year. It ebbs and flows of course, as there were times that my wisdom or assistance was needed, I just wasn't ready for this to happen with both of them simultaneously! We'll continue to read each day during the summer, and perhaps a bit of writing may happen every now and again too, but summer is for adventures, and copious amounts of time spent outdoors, and lots of seeing where the days take us. We're ready for the summer and all that comes with it, and somehow I feel like summer is ready for us too! xo

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