Saturday, May 20, 2017

Grand Marshall Grandma

Wednesday night we journied down to New Jersey so that we could attend the Bergen Community College graduation ceremony on Thursday where Dave's mom was serving as Grand Marshall.
After all, an honor like that doesn't come around every day, and we didn't want to miss the chance to be there to celebrate an incredible woman and an incredible career.
It was really fabulous to have VIP access to the "behind the scenes" parts of commencement. It was so neat to get to go on stage and see where she would be sitting, as well as the incredible view that all on the platform would have during the ceremony. 
The girls were super impressed to see all the boxes of rolled up degrees. 
And, of course, they were fascinated by all the robes and hoods and hats of the faculty. 
Dave's mom (Dr. Joan Tscherne to those who know her from school) gave the welcome. We all got a kick out of seeing her on the Jumbotron at Giant's Stadium! 
University of Hartford representin'! 
This was the girls first time attending a graduation ceremony. They had lots of questions in the days leading up to it ("Mama, how many have you been in? And how many have you gone to? And what do all the colors mean?") and we spent lots of time talking about our graduations. We also shared with them that the day would be very long as well as very hot. 
And while it was indeed hot, the discovery of frozen custard topped water ice was a welcome (and delicious!) treat! 
What a truly incredible day! It was so wonderful to be there to witness such a special day for Dave's mom. And while it was fabulous to see her at that podium and on the Jumbotron, the best part, in my opinion, was seeing her with her colleagues before the ceremony and after. The respect they all have for her is very apparent, as is how very missed she will be next year when she's retired. It was absolutely lovely to get to meet so many people that we have heard so much about, and it was just as neat to see them be so excited to meet us, too. This was especially true when they met Grace and Emma, who they have clearly heard so very much about over the years! 
 Some post-commencement cooling off in the hotel pool. Very necessary on such a hot day. 
Congratulations Joan! We are so thrilled to have been able to be there with you on Thursday, and we have no doubt that your retirement will be just fabulous! xo

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