Sunday, May 21, 2017

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 On Wednesday Dave said to me: "Who put hay in the bird feeder on the porch?" 
To which I replied: "Hay?"
We peeked and discovered that inside the feeder was a newly built nest!
Yesterday, I decided to see if there was any new additions to the empty nest and was thrilled to discover three speckled eggs! 
House Finch eggs, according to my friend Lynn. 
If you look closely you can see her tail sticking out. 
When she noticed me she flew to the tree. She's the bright spot on the branch toward the top. It's hard to see her in the tree though, so it might take some time to spot her.

We are so very excited that she chose this spot to build her nest. "What a good place to build a nest!" said Emma. "She's super safe in there mama! And she won't get rained on if it rains!"

We learned that it will be twelve to fourteen days before the eggs hatch. Since we're not exactly sure when the eggs were laid (due to being away) we figure we'll keep an ear out for baby birds anywhere after June 1st. I doubt she'll let us get close enough to photograph them once they arrive, but if we're able to I'll be sure to share those pictures too! xo

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