Monday, June 26, 2017

A Visit To Pickity Place

On Saturday, while Dave and his dad were repairing the ceiling in the sitting room, his mom, the girls and I journeyed to New Hampshire to have lunch at Pickity Place. I had heard about Pickity Place from my friend Eleni and have wanted to go ever since.  We knew we were in for a lovely day, but we didn't realize exactly how enchanting the day would be until we arrived! 
Each month they have a set menu. For the children they can either choose a half portion of the monthly menu or "grandmother's basket". Both chose "grandmother's basket" this time but Grace has already said that while she loved her lunch she thinks she'll choose the monthly menu next time we go. She had some of Grandma Joan's salad and some of my soup (which she absolutely loved) and dessert so she really had the best of both worlds in the end! 

 The sweet and spicy plum chicken was delicious (as was everything)! 
 Dave's mom loved her choice of fresh vegetables over polenta. 
 This dessert was the perfect way to end such a delicious meal! 
 "Mama, I really wish we lived here!"
Heading into the drying shed. It was full of flowers and herbs hanging from the ceiling to dry. I really wish I had taken a picture. It was such a sweet little space. 
 Spending time with the resident cat. 
Before we were done with our first visit to Pickity Place the girls were already asking when we can go back and I can't say I blame them! It was as if we had found a bit of heaven on Earth! The food, the grounds, the gardens, the beautiful energy of this place- like Emma said "I wish we could live here"! It's such a very special place, and located so close to home, I have no doubt this will become a place we go frequently for years to come! xo

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  1. I have been wanting to go here for so long- I really must get there. It looks and sounds enchanting (I definitely think you got the better end of the deal over Dave!) By the way, Alice and I love Grace's shoes!!