Sunday, June 18, 2017

Celebrating Father's Day

Today's celebration began at Rail Trail Flatbread Company's Flapjacks and Flatbreads event. Delicious food (that breakfast flatbread was amazing!) and all the proceeds went to The Boys and Girls Club! A win win if there ever was one! 
Since the girls wanted to get Dave a "dance dad" shirt we decided to kick off Father's Day a day early so he could wear it to the recital. Cards and the shirt (seen below) was given to him yesterday morning. The shirt, as we suspected, was a hit all around! 
It reads: The DanceFather. I don't dance, I finance!

Grace, Emma and I are so lucky to have this guy as our biggest fan, We are so grateful for his hard work and dedication to our family, and for all he does to make this incredible lifestyle we live possible! Thank you, David, for the countless hours that you have spent changing diapers (back in the day) to steaming tutus and costumes for competitions and recitals (present day) and everything in between!  Thank you for your love, sense of humor, hard work and belief in all of us that has allowed us to be the kind of family we are today. Thank you for the being the papa to my youngins! There's no one else I'd rather be on this amazing journey with! xo

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  1. A good father makes such a difference in a girl's life. Aren't we lucky? :)