Thursday, June 1, 2017

Box Day!

Though our summer has barely begun we are already looking forward to lessons beginning again in the autumn! After a few years using a different curriculum, we have decided to return to Oak Meadow. We may still use bits and pieces of the other curriculum as well though. Oak Meadow will simply become the foundation of morning lessons with our current curriculum moving to more of a supporting role making for a nice blend.

We made the switch back for a few reasons, the biggest one being that it's our intention to enroll the girls in Oak Meadow's virtual school for their high school years and we felt that it would be wise to give them a few years of using this curriculum again before they had to turn lessons in for actual grades.

Since a friend had passed along the grade four materials to us we simply had to order the grade five package. Along with that, I picked up some chapter books that would be needed for both curriculum packages, as well as a few other fun things like quill pens, ink and jewelers loupes (which we just had to try out yesterday, and oh my goodness we had so much fun with them)! About halfway through taking things out of the box we were super surprised to see that Oak Meadow had included two treats- a balsa wood plane and an Oak Meadow pencil.  That plane is definitely one of the best we have ever had (and we love that it says "Learn Organically") and that pencil is pretty lovely (as far as pencils go). What lovely surprises to discover in our box!  xo

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