Sunday, June 4, 2017

Camping At Old Sturbridge Village

Yesterday we dug out the tent and sleeping bags and drove to Old Sturbridge Village to attend The Great Scout Camp Out. It was the first time they were putting on this event and it seemed like the perfect way to re-enter the camping world after several summers of not camping. 
 After dinner, and before it was time to set up the tent, it was game time.
The girls were pretty good at this. We might have to get a couple of sets. 
 The girls vs. David in a game of French and English (tug of war's original name). 
 Setting up. 
 At 8:00pm we gathered for our first class. Grace chose to do hearth cooking. The instructor was absolutely fabulous! She gave each kid an ingredient to find and measure out. Here, Grace measures out the sugar for the cookies they made (which were super yummy, by the way)! 
 Emma chose to go to woodworking class. She was thrilled to get to use the tools to make a spaddle! It's like a wooden spoon/spatula. The kids in the hearth cooking class even used one to mix the batter they made! 
She did such a great job! We are so excited to have a spaddle to use when we bake! 
 A final picture in the tent before we pack it up. 
Nature: Cheaper than therapy. A fitting shirt for this adventure! 
 On our way to breakfast. 
 What a treat to see the Village before it opens. 
 A quick game of checkers while they finish preparing for breakfast. 
We had such a wonderful time! And while it might have been a bit chillier than we would have liked last night, it was indeed the perfect re-entry into the camping world. We were all sad that it went by so quickly and there is already much discussion about making more spaddles should that be a project offered at homeschool day soon. Thank you, Old Sturbridge Village, for another wonderful event. We hope that The Great Scout Camp Out becomes an annual event! xo


  1. We wanted to do this! We saw a poster for it when we were at OSV in the early spring. I'm hoping I can get Alice's girl scout friends to join in next year too- wouldn't that be fun to meet up?

    1. It would be SO much fun to meet up if they do this event again (and I hope they do)! Even if the rest of her troop doesn't come ya'll should plan on it! You would love it! xo