Friday, June 16, 2017

Scenes From This Week's Rehearsals

Monday. Grace's class rehearses their jazz dance. 
Followed by their ballet dance. 
They did such a beautiful job! 
 Tuesday. Emma's class rehearses their ballet dance. 
 Followed by their jazz dance. 
Thursday arrived, and with it the most massive splinter you can imagine in Emma's big toe. Thanks to Miss Suzanne and Karyn for getting it out (our dance family is the best!). Emma (sitting in the pinkish shirt at the side of the stage) watches as her musical theater class rehearses. We had her sit out  to give her foot a chance to relax from the trauma. 
The final rehearsal for Grace's musical theater class. 
I hadn't seen this dance in its entirety before. It was such fun to watch! 
There was about an hour between the beginner classes rehearsals ending and the next batch beginning. The girls from the various comp teams took turns taking to the stage for an impromptu performance. The trio from the mini team was awesome, and even more fun was seeing Miss Lauri jump right in and dance with her minis! 

And so rehearsal week has ended and another recital weekend is upon us! The first show takes place tonight, though Grace and Emma won't dance until the shows tomorrow. Good luck to all the Center Stage Dancers! We can't wait to see you all shine bright on that stage! xo

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