Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Adventures of Grace, Emma and Flat Stanley

My friend Sarah from college contacted me last week and asked if we would like to have Flat Stanley come our way.  I wrote back a resounding "yes!" and she promptly put him in the mail.  He arrived over the weekend but since it was busy he remained in his envelope until today. 
"Mama! Look, it's Flat Stanley!"
He helped Grace and Emma return their books.
And he loved reading with them.
He approved of all our book choices.  Miss Rumphius is his favorite!
Then it was off to the food store!
He's a big fan of the produce section (especially the organic choices).
But most of all he loved playing Angry Birds!

We had a most lovely visit with Flat Stanley and will be sad to see him go.  He'll be heading off in the mail tomorrow.  Next stop:  New York! 


  1. We love Flat Stanley. My girls love to listen to it on audiobook as they sleep -- that's how much they love it. It looks like they had a great adventure.

  2. It was so much fun! I knew of him but even as a teacher (in my life before littles) I never had any experience with him! It was such a treat! Looking forward to doing this again when the girls are older and we are working on geography!