Thursday, March 17, 2011

::Right Now::

Right now I am..
::once again taking a cue from SouleMama.
::in awe of this incredible life we live and the ordinary miracles that are all around us. 
::grateful that the girl's childhood is so magical and full of wonder and joy.
::excited that we have the the beginnings of our spring nature table!  
::wondering what we will do to celebrate the arrival of spring next week. 
::still impressed at how both girls were so into our rainbow project today.  They easily worked on it for over two hours!
::thrilled at how beautiful today was and how much time we spent outside basking in it. 
::pondering what adventures we will have tomorrow on what sounds to be another gorgeous day.
::looking forward to a quiet night after a busy day.


  1. what a lovely :::right now:::!

  2. Thanks, girls! I had a wonderful time putting this together yesterday. I think I will make it a regular part of our blog from now on!

    Rosemarie, the rainbows are even more fabulous in person! They are just so charming! Hope all is well!