Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sugaring Season

It's sugaring time here in New England!  And as a way to learn more about this amazing process we headed over to the Natick Community Organic Farm this morning for their Maple Magic event.  We had some very yummy pancakes and then walked over to the farm to see what was going on.
Listening to Native American folk tales about maple syrup.

Then we moved on to hearing about sugaring in Colonial times.
They would keep three pots going, always moving the liquid from left to right, keeping the coldest sap in the pot on the far left and the hottest liquid in the pot on the far right.
As we were getting ready to head to the sugar house we stopped by to visit the sheep.  Two lambs had been born recently and it was such a treat to get to see them.  Another sign that spring really is on the way!  Sadly, I slipped on a very icy spot which put an end to our trip right then.  Thankfully, we know of another sugaring event taking place at the end of the month so we can see a sugar house in action then since we did not get to see it today!  It truly is an amazing process, and once you see how time and labor intensive the sugaring process is you will never again question why pure maple syrup is as expensive as it is!

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