Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Change of Scenery

For as much as we don't mind the winter, we are really ready for spring to arrive.  There have been lots of stuck-in-the-house-days this season and not many days where we can easily be outside.  So many of the beautiful days we've had have been bitterly cold, and with all the snow that still resides in our backyard (and other favorite outdoor destinations) it makes it hard to get out there and do much.  As a result we are rather stir crazy at this point.  This became painfully clear this morning when the girls (who were both in our bed by 6:00am) were in a funk by 6:30am.  Frustration with this never ending winter had clearly arrived and there was only one thing to do:  Head out in search of adventure.  Thankfully, we struck gold!
Jam Time is a super cool place and one that we will definitely be heading back to again!  We arrived at 9:30am and had the place to ourselves for almost 45 minutes before people really started showing up.  I had wanted to get there right at 9:00am figuring that most people with little littles would not be there nearly that early, but 9:30am worked beautifully.  We stayed for just shy of two hours (and by then the place was hoppin') before heading home for lunch.  It's clean, lovely, bright and cheery.  There is even a snack bar where you can purchase all sorts of goodies (I indulged in a most delicious organic milk chocolate bar) if you don't want to bring your own snacks. It was just the place we needed to restart our day and get out of the funk that had so quickly arrived this morning.  The whole way home both girls chatted about how much fun they had and how they hope we can go back soon.  It truly was the perfect way to spend our morning! 

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  1. What a great place to spend a cold morning!
    I love the doll house!

    Greetings from Germany!