Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Grace And Mama Day

On Saturday Grace and I went out to pick up some birthday gifts for Em's upcoming birthday (I am finding it very hard to believe that my baby is turning five on Thursday). We said good-bye to Dave and Emma, letting them know that we would be out for awhile and off we went. Grace didn't stop chatting the whole way (and really, I don't think she stopped talking till she went to bed that night)!

First stop:  The American Girl Store.
We purchased two of Emma's birthday presents there and then decided to walk around the mall.  

Next stop:  Claire's.  

Grace had a merchandise credit that she had been wanting to use so we strolled over there and she got right to work figuring out what to choose.
Maybe this?
Or this?
Or how about these?
She ended up choosing these fabulous bracelets.
"Let's take a picture so Aunt Kaitlyn can see them, Mama."
So, of course we did.  
And, as we expected, she thought they were fabulous too!
We walked around a little more. 
Window shopping. 
We then headed to the car.  
And as we were getting ready to head home Grace said: 
"Mama, my belly's hungry."
So, of course we needed to stop for a snack. 
Before we were even out of the car Grace had already figured out what she would choose.
"Oh Mama, I am going to choose my favorite - Cherry Garcia!"
This is one of those days that will go down in our family history as one of my most favorites  Having the chance to spend a whole day with my sweet, first-born girl was truly priceless. And as if this day was not already fabulous enough seeing Grace and Emma be reunited after a day apart was even more extraordinary. I love how they are each other's best friend and I love how truly connected the four of us are.  It was a glorious day all around and one that I will truly treasure forever. 

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