Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Cookies Are Here!

A great big "thank you" to everyone who ordered cookies from the girls!  They arrived yesterday and we sorted the boxes today. Grace suggested that we organize the boxes based on the order of the colors of the rainbow.  Emma- not missing a beat- dug right in and within thirty minutes they had sorted nine cases of cookies (they are amazing workers these two)! Next up: creating a thank you note to include with each person's order and bagging them. Good thing there's a large amount of snow on its way to us starting Friday. We'll surely be able to get those two items on our to-do list completed and be able to start delivering them next week.   


  1. Oh boy! just what we need Girl Scout cookies.... love the lemonade...

  2. Wow that is a lot of cookies! Enjoy the snow, it has already started here :)

    1. It surely is! I am glad that they all are spoken for cause that's the only way I am resisting the urge to devour them all!

      We are looking forward to the snow! Though it sounds like there's upward of two to three feet headed our way!