Thursday, February 21, 2013

Emma Faith Is Five!

Today there was:
Birthday ring exploring, 
birthday smiles, 
and hanging out in the birthday tent.  
There was present opening (first thing in the morning, of course), 
And investigating new treasures.
There were birthday surprises from your beloved sister. 
"A Luna for me?!  Thanks, Grace!"
And new things for her dolls. 
There were cards that couldn't be any more perfect. 
And cake making.
And cake tasting.
And then cake baking (no picture of that). 
Followed by a Mystery Ride. 
"Where are we going, mama?!"
And rejoicing when they saw where!
There was showing Meaghan the ropes of how one gets their nails done at the salon. 
And looking older than their years. 
And loving that the first time these three got their nails done together was on Emma's fifth birthday. 
Then it was back home to get ready for tonight. 
Dinner in the oven. 
A birthday banner made. 
And frosting made for her cake too, of course. 
There was posing for the camera. 
And decorating her birthday cake with her bestest friends. 
And then there was playing (oh, so much playing). 
And some more presents. 
And before dinner was on the table it was time for the birthday ring. 
And now she is five!  This picture just says it all!
And there was (once again) much "oohing" and "ahhing" over this very gorgeous birthday ring that my Dad made for us.  It really is stunningly beautiful. Thanks, Dad!
Then there was much wishing (upon receiving the above picture) that we had been able to connect with my parents so that the new pieces my Dad made for the birthday ring could be part of her ring this year.  As you can see he has outdone himself yet again!
And then it was time for yummy yummy dinner followed by yummy yummy cake. 
Cake and ice cream were served. 
Secret of the Wings was watched. 
And much silliness started as the movie ended. 
If these four kids (and their mamas and papas) don't sleep well tonight it will be shocking! 

It was a glorious day and a glorious way to celebrate her fifth trip around the sun. It will surely be a day we all treasure and remember for years to come.  Happy fifth birthday, sweet Emma Faith!  Daddy, Grace and I are so proud to have you sharing you joy with us each and every day! We can't wait to see what this next trip around the sun has in store for you!  XOXO  


  1. What a lovely day!! Happy Birthday Emma!!!

  2. Thanks friends! I just cannot believe that my baby is five!

  3. I fell so behind in my blog reading that I missed Emma's birthday! :(

    It looks like she had such a wonderful day. I hope the whole year is just as wonderful for her. xoxo