Monday, February 18, 2013

Origami Day

Last time that we were at the Boston Children's Museum the girls were quite taken with the 1000 Paper Crane project that was going on in the art studio there.  We attempted to learn the art of folding paper cranes but seeing how there was only one instructor, and a very busy space, we did the best we could and decided that we'd see if our friend Claire would be up for an origami day with us. She was and today the was day!
First up: cranes (of course).  
The cranes were followed by frogs and then hats.
The next project chosen was dogs.  This one baffled all of us. 
So, we bailed on that and moved on to a sweet little box. 
The box was definitely a favorite. 
After the boxes there were cushions as well as balloons and cups. 
We then moved on to Waldorf Stars. 
Three hours and many, many, many projects later we were done. We all had a fabulous time and couldn't thank Claire enough for spending the afternoon with us. As I tucked the girls in tonight Grace said to me: "Mama, this was such a fun day!  Do you think we can do it again soon?" which  is just further confirmation of the awesomeness of this day! 


  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! The box is so cute and your stars look amazing!

  2. I love that little box!

    I learned origami many years ago when I was in grade school; I'll have to find a book & try my hand at it again. I think J&A would just love it in another year or so… xo