Monday, April 8, 2013

Barefoot Upon The Earth

In the words of Amanda Soule:

"While the changing of the seasons is a slow and gradual transition, it does seem as though there is always a "first day". The first day on which the scale tipped and more of our time is spent out of doors than in. The first day on which jackets are shed. The first day on which we spy crocuses beginning to appear under the debris that winter left behind. The first day on which the brave (& usually young) among us walk barefoot upon the earth- feet squishing in gooey, cold, rich mud. "My toes are breathing, mama!" I hear from my little ones. Indeed, we are breathing." 


  1. Oh how I can't wait for this. With more snow headed our way on Thursday and Friday it might be a few more days :(

  2. Wasn't yesterday just perfect?? I am looking forward to opening my windows again today. Hopefully we will make it down to the beach to put our feet upon the earth!