Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Our afternoons seem to have developed a nice rhythm to them. After lunch and quiet time we have been heading out for a bike ride (for the girls) and a walk (for me).  It is delightful and the perfect way to kick off the second half of our day.  
Once we get home there is usually more time spent outside. We can't get enough of this glorious weather! Oftentimes the girls play outside while I get some chores done inside. Ah, the joys of having older littles! Today, having nothing that needed tending to inside the house I headed outside to read while the girls played. I ordered caterpillars today (hence the butterfly books we took out from the library). I can't wait for them to arrive. The girls (who have no idea I ordered them) will surely be over the moon!
This book arrived in the mail last week. I am so glad that it's part of our family library. It's just so us!
Emma, having noticed me reading, ran in to get the books on horses she took out from the library today."Mama, let's say it together!" (her way of saying let's read). So, of course we did. Much reading was done on the lawn this afternoon.  
Grace then joined us. This kid knows enough about butterflies that she could write her own book on the subject, She is going to be so excited when the caterpillars get here! Have I mentioned how much I love surprising the girls?!
And then it was back to the swing set (as always). Such a simple, classic swing set and yet so many wonderful adventures are had on it for hours each day!

From there there was the watering of gardens. Filling of bird baths. Running. Playing. Digging in the dirt. Singing. Jumping. And finally they came in. Tired, hungry and oh so dirty! The sign of another fabulous afternoon in this oh, so incredible life we are blessed to live!


  1. Such a fun afternoon. Have fun with the caterpillars, it is an amazing thing watching them turn into butterflies, we raised one last year. Can't wait for the milkweed to come up so we can start looking for eggs again :)

    1. Kim, I think I am worse than a kid at Christmas! I keep checking the mail in hopes they've arrived! Should be soon! Such a magical thing to witness!

  2. My girls love to ride their bikes after quiet time too:-) Can't wait to see your caterpillars turn in to butterflies!


    1. Now if only we lived closer and could go for our afternoon ride/walk together! :) We're still waiting for the caterpillars to arrive but you can be sure that when they do we will have many a post about them!