Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sleep was hard to come by last night.  Thoughts kept drifting to Boston and the events of the day. This morning I felt (once again) like an empty shell of a human being. Walking around the house aimlessly. Constantly checking Facebook for updates only to find that nothing was any different from 30 seconds before when I last checked. It was then that a message arrived from my dearest friend.  "What are you and the girls up to today? She asked. "I need to get out of the house and enjoy life." Instantly I knew that she was struggling with the same emotions and compulsive Facebook checking that I was. We hatched a plan. Packed lunches. Got the kids ready and out in search of adventure we went...  

On our drive out to meet our friends at the chosen destination the girls and I had iTunes cranked up and on came "Mercy" by Dave Matthews Band. The lyrics are fabulous and very appropriate given the state of the world and the recent events that have transpired here in New England. Between those lyrics and spending the day watching these five littles live as joyfully as ever I started to feel better.  Still sad. Still heartbroken. But a wee bit better too. We need to do better. We need to find peaceful solutions instead of shooting each other or blowing each other up. Enough is enough. We need to be able to peacefully co-exist regardless of how upset or how different we may be. We need to play better in the sandbox with each other if for no other reason than so that these five littles (and the countless other children inhabiting our planet) can have the future they so richly deserve.  


  1. Your blog is lovely. Is it named for the Dave Matthews song? That was my first thought and then I saw a DMB reference in this post. I have had Boston in my thoughts and hope no one you know was hurt. Nicola (from Erin's Breathing Space)

    1. Nicola, It is indeed named in honor of the DMB song! Both Dave and I are huge fans so it was only fitting that our blog have a DMB connection.

      Thankfully no one we know was hurt in the explosions on Monday. And our beloved city surely will come back from this stronger than ever!