Monday, April 29, 2013


On Saturday I got a text from my brother asking what we were up to and if he could come for a visit. I quickly replied. We hatched a plan. And a visit was had (it was fab)!
The girls were overjoyed to have Uncle Grant come spend the weekend at our house. His arms sure got a workout pushing his two favorite nieces on the swings and giving lots and lots of hugs!
We figured his visit was the perfect time to have the first fire pit of the season, too!
On our way home from church yesterday we scored this fabulous, classic, red metal Radio Flyer for $15! We sent it home with my brother so that my Dad could spruce it up (there's some rust on the inside). You really can't go wrong with a classic!
After dinner Dave put the final shingle on the dollhouse roof! Such an exciting day, indeed! We really should have kept a tally of the hours he put in on this roof alone. We're sure it's way more than we think it is. 
And just like that our fabulous weekend was over. For a weekend that, at the beginning, had no plans it sure turned out to be quite a lovely one. Impromptu visits are always divine and the chance to be with family is even better.  


  1. Looks like a great weekend Shel, and what a lucky find with the wagon, nice!

    Enjoy your week.

    1. I have been on the hunt for a wagon like that since my Mom found one a few years ago and my Dad restored it to it's glory! You just can't go wrong with a classic! xo

  2. The dollhouse is really coming along, It is going to be beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Dave has done a really amazing job and has *lots* of plans for whats to come! Can't wait for ya'll to see it! xo