Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

Last year I had all intention of beginning the tradition of making May Day baskets. And, for a reason that escapes me now, we never did. As a result, I was determined to begin this sweet tradition this year! Last night I got busy making baskets for the girls to discover this morning. 
They came out super sweet and the girls were super excited to find them when they woke up!
After we finished all our regular morning rhythm type things we got to work making May Day baskets for our neighbors and friends. 
Then it was time to go deliver them!
We had fun sneaking around our neighborhood (even though pretty much everyone was out). 
What a fabulous first May Day! Not only was the weather glorious but this sweetly simple holiday is just so us! Making and giving May Day baskets is something that we will surely be doing for many, many moons to come. Grace said it best: "Mama, this is my favorite holiday ever!" And I have to agree. I think this really is my most favorite holiday ever!

This Saturday, along with other Waldorf inspired homeschool families, we'll be attending our first May Day festival! I'm so glad that there's more May Day fun in store for us this year!


  1. How very lovely! Happy May Day! Have fun at the festival.

  2. You brought joy into so many people's lives yesterday. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks girls! It was so fun to surprise everyone and even more fun to get peoples messages about our May Day baskets when they figured out who left them!