Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Last Few Days

So, we've been recovering from the whirlwind that has been the last couple of weeks around here. This, of course, means I have way too many pictures and stories to share and no idea how to do it! I figure one all encompassing post should do the trick. So, without further adieu, here's what we've been up to the last few days.
Saturday morning we headed over to Community Harvest Project's Plantapalooza. There the girls planted a pizza (meaning a veggie that you'd use as a pizza topping) and we were also gifted with four free tomato plants too. It was incredible and we all agreed we must go back and volunteer!
After that we headed back to the house to await the arrival of Dave's parents. They were coming up to attend the girls dance recital and celebrate my birthday (a wee bit early). 
They surprised me with a second rocking chair as my Mother's Day/birthday gift! What a treat!
Saturday afternoon brought the much anticipated performance. Our swans did awesome! The back row (where Emma was) even took a tumble but they got right back up and kept going. It was fabulous!
We then took our very tired swans (and selves) home. Where he had a lovely meal, a delicious dessert and then said our good-nights. 
Sunday brought with it our first ever visit to Southwick's Zoo
This was easily one of the best zoos I have ever been too!
As you can tell Grace was rather unsure of this ride at first. Emma had ridden it before Grace and came off begging her sister to come on. They held hands on the way up (and I held my breath worried that Grace was really going to dislike this ride). 
It's a hit! She totally suprised herself with how much she loved this ride. 
"Mama! Mama! It's so cool!  You go up and your tummy goes down! Can I go on it again?" 
And she surely did.  Four more times as a matter of fact!
We loved the peacock show. 
It was there that we learned a group of peacocks is called a party!  Who knew?!
The skyfari took us around a good portion of the zoo. It was neat to get to see all the animals from above. 
The Deer Forest was easily my all time favorite place. I have always wanted to be thisclose to deer and I finally had my chance on Sunday! I kept thinking how much my mom would love the Deer Forest!  She'd probably never leave!
"This. is. so. cool."
And that brings us to the end of Sunday. We went home and crashed hard. I slept for nine hours and it was pure heaven! We spent Monday doing a whole lot of vegging and not much of anything that was picture worthy. Today however has been full of goodness!
You can't tell from this picture but today we got to have breakfast with Dave. Between the job he started a year ago, and our absolutely amazing homeschool lifestyle, I can help but feel so blessed. It has been truly lovely to get to have him around in the mornings. To get to have at least one family meal together each day (and oftentimes two) is simply wonderful. Before he took this job he was often out of the house before the three of us were up. And a couple of nights a week he works late so there were whole days where we wouldn't see him at all. This new job of his has been divine, and I can't help but savor every moment. I often wonder how it is that I got so lucky?!
Today it got into the high 80s and with weather like that laundry must be hung on the line. My two sidekicks helped by handing me clothespins. This is the stuff of amazing memories, my friends. 
The girls also created cards for their Great Grandpa's (my grandfather) 95th birthday next week. Sadly, we are not able to make it down to South Carolina to celebrate with him but we'll surely be there in spirit! They have met him twice (once before this blog was started and once after).
We also started planting our garden today. But that is another post for another time (tomorrow provided that we finish getting all the seedlings in).  


  1. Wow, what a busy few days. It looks like it was a ton of fun though.

    Your rockers look great on the front porch. And your two swans are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Kim! Now, if only you lived closer so we could sit and rock and chat! How fab would that be?! XO