Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dress Rehearsal

This afternoon was the dance recital dress rehearsal. The girls were so excited that they got to wear their costumes and make up today and I was so excited that we parents were invited to record the dress rehearsal! My sincere apologies that the beginning is a wee bit on the fuzzy/shaky side. This was, surprisingly, the first time that I used my camera to video. I hope you enjoy their performance as much as I did. They really did a stellar job and I have to admit I did get a wee bit choked up watching my two sweet swans on stage. The countdown to Saturday's performance is on! In the words of Grace: "Only two more days, mama. I can't wait!"


  1. They did such a great job. Tell them both I said break a leg :)

  2. oh my goodness! too cute! My gal has her first recital in two weeks. I am so excited. Good Luck to her!

  3. Thanks girls! I am so glad I got to record it and that you both enjoyed it so much! Now if only it wasn't shaky at the beginning!

    Kathleen, you are going to love it! Don't be surprised if you get a little teary watching her up there! Enjoy!