Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Project Fair Prep

Tonight we are helping the girls assemble their first ever project fair projects! A couple of years ago we went to the homeschool project fair that was taking place at our town library. It was amazing to meet all the kids and see all the projects they created. 
So this year when the fair date was announced I asked the girls if they'd like to participate. They said "yes!" project topics were chosen and much work has been done. 
Our living room and kitchen have become project central. The girls are hard at work, asking for help when needed and making all the essential decisions that need to be made when getting a project ready to share with the world. 
These projects came together so beautifully. Simple, sweet and so very them. I can't wait to see the girls share all they know about dolphins and horses at the project fair on Friday. It's sure to be a spectacular day!

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