Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hatch Day

As I was going about my morning, doing various things that needed doing, I would peek at the butterfly habitat each time I passed by to see if there was anything going on inside it. It was getting to be about the time that they should be hatching so I was keeping a rather close watch. Secretly I was hoping that they would wait one more day and hatch tomorrow on my birthday. I was down in the basement feeding the cat when I heard a lot of excitement coming from upstairs. "Where's mama?" I heard Grace say. "Downstairs." replied Emma. It was then that a very excited Grace appeared at the top of the stairs. "Mama, come see! Come see!" I hurried upstairs and followed Grace who headed in to the downstairs bathroom where the butterfly habitat was. She pointed and said "Look!" In the five minutes I had been away the butterflies had emerged! They were clinging near their now empty chrysalises and we were completely and totally in awe. 
Since the weather is going to be pretty unsettled for the next few days we've decided to wait to release them. This way we can spend some more time with these very sweet creatures before we have to say our good-byes. 

No matter how many times I witness this transformation (or a baby being born) it is just as magical and awe inspiring as if it was the very first time. I used to do this project with my students each year back in the day when I was a teacher. Watching their reactions as the butterflies hatched was always amazing, but getting to see my girls as they witnessed this truly took the cake! It is a moment I shall carry with me always. 


  1. It is an amazing metamorphosis that continues to amaze me too. Love the smiles on Grace and Emma. We can't wait for the milkweed to grow a little more around here and then we will be out searching for eggs.

  2. Did you find the chrysalises (?) outside? Their faces are priceless! Nature is awe-inspiring. I once watched a caterpillar become a chrysalis...just happened to look at the moment and it happened in an hung in a "j", started to vibrate and changed colour right before my eyes. It was magical to say the least. My kids would LOVE this!