Thursday, November 20, 2014

Harvesting Milkweed

These two sweet souls are bound and determined to save the Monarchs butterflies. There has been much discussion about how to help all types of pollinators (bees, butterflies, hummingbirds etc), so when they spotted a huge bunch of Milkweed right across from our house a plan was hatched to harvest some. Jackets, hats and boots were donned this morning and out they went with bags in hand. It didn't take long before their bags were brimming with Milkweed. The wind carried just about as much off, too. Hopefully those seeds that took flight will find new homes nearby to call their own and even more Milkweed will grow and be available to the Monarchs in the coming years. For now, the girls have tucked their seeds safely away with big plans being discussed for the spring planting season. xo


  1. We have some wild milkweed growing in our yard, planted by little hands. Every time milkweed comes up in our yard, memories flood my mind.

  2. you captured some beautiful shots of your princesses in pink !!!

  3. LOL! I wasn't quite sure what milkweed looks like, but turns out, we have tons along the bike path! Looks like I'll be saving seeds next year for sure. :-)