Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lanterns For Martinmas

Martinmas is one of our most favorite Waldorf festivals (our other favorite being the Advent Spiral). This Saturday we will once again meet up with other Waldorf homeschool families for a Lantern Walk. The lantern walk is such a magical time! This year, inspired by this post and this post we decided to make some new lanterns.With today being cold and rainy, a couple of days before the Lantern Walk, we got to work on the new lanterns. They need a day or two to fully dry so we've got some waiting to do before we can see them aglow, sadly. Good thing Saturday's just around the corner! xo


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your lantern walk.

  2. A lantern walk sounds like so much fun! Love these little lanterns made from balloons. I'm adding this to my list of things for next year. ;)

  3. How fun! Hope you'll post some pictures... just the thought of all those lighted colorful lanterns is making me smile. :-)