Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

 Her first tooth was lost during dance class, so it only makes sense that her second tooth (another bottom one) would be lost somewhere other than home, too. This time, it was during lunch at Panera yesterday. Thankfully she didn't swallow it! 
 I adore this picture of Em not only because you get to see a hint of her sweet dimples, but also because this picture captured her essence so completely. 
This morning she awoke covered in glitter and with a new treasure in her box- a glitter covered seashell! Violet, her tooth fairy, left her a very sweet note, too. What a lovely way to start a Sunday! xo


  1. She looks so sweet and what a lovely tradition. I showed my little loose toothed girl and she was so excited for Emma and is really hoping the tooth fairy leaves her a glittery rock or seashell....she only ever gets a boring dollar! ;) Who knew?!

    1. Oooh, I hope that the tooth fairy leaves your sweet girl a glittery rock or seashell too! The girls just adore the treasures that the tooth fairy leaves. Sometimes it's a glittery rock, or seashell, or sheet of fairy stickers or a piece or two of European chocolate (a strange gift for a tooth fairy but perfect as they looked like little strawberries)! For Grace's top two teeth the tooth fairy left a gold Sacajawea coin (which, of course, Grace tucked safely away in her treasure box so as to never spend it)! xo

  2. I guess Em has a habit of losing her baby teeth in places that isn't home, huh? Hahaha! She looks so adorable in that beanie. Oh, and I love the glitter covered seashell that the tooth fairy got for her. Anyway, it's nice to hear that you still practice that lovely tradition. Thanks for sharing her tooth fairy experience with us, Shel! All the best to you! :)

    Joel Haynes @ Herrin Pediatric Dentistry