Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Emma's First Tooth Fairy Visit

Last night was an exciting night in our house- the tooth fairy made her first visit to Emma! The biggest question that Grace and Emma wanted to know was would Emma's tooth fairy be the sister to Grace's? The answer is a resounding yes (and Emma's tooth fairy is named Violet for those who were wondering)! David and I were awoken this morning by Emma at our bedside saying: "The tooth fairy came and she left me a note and a necklace just like Grace's!" It was a sweet way to start our day!
 And this tooth fairy, just like Grace's, likes to cover both girls (and their beds) in glitter. Glitter, by the way, is very hard to photograph. Although it does not look like it here it's safe to say that she is in fact covered in it. So much glitter!  
And just like that our days of awaiting the loss of a first tooth are over. They are growing too quickly these girls of ours. While we love seeing each new age and stage and adventure (and tooth fairy visit) it sure would be lovely if we could slow down the passage of time just a wee bit. This mama can't take how fast it's all going by! Congrats on your first lost tooth, sweet youngest daughter of ours! We love you and your sweet (new) smile to the moon and stars and back! xo


  1. How fun! I have been thinking about tooth fairy traditions and trying to figure out how we will handle it when the time comes. Thanks for sharing Shel. xo

  2. I absolutely love the glittery tooth fairy stopping by with a note and little present! You can really see the joy on your daughter's face- how exciting for her! I think this is truly a lovely idea.