Monday, September 1, 2014

Scenes From The Labor Day Parade

As we do every Labor Day we walked down to the parade. It was rather warm out today so we found a lovely shady spot that allowed us to watch the parade without being in the bright sun the entire time. We only stayed about an hour but we were happy to be there to see each branch of the military, and the lovely Hallamore Clydesdales, come by! For those in America we hope that you had a lovely holiday weekend and a relaxing Labor Day today! xo

Be sure to scroll down and see pictures from our day at the pool while we were down in Florida. 


  1. A Labor Day parade looks like fun! It has turned hot suddenly, hasn't it? It's been nice and mellow all summer (which we prefer) and now suddenly we have our air conditioning on. I look forward to some cooler days ahead.

    1. It sure has! Was missing our cooler weather this week. The weather this summer was amazing! If the weather was like this summer ever summer I'd be in heaven! xo