Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back at Epcot

 Thursday had us heading back to Epcot to explore more of the World Showcase and to attend the Behind the Seeds tour at The Land. The tour was amazing! 
 The girls loved the Living with the Land ride so much (they rode it a total of three times while we were there) that we knew that they would love to get to go behind the scenes in the greenhouse.  What a truly neat experience for all of us! 
 This is Stanley the Plant. He closes up his leaves when touched. The girls were quite enchanted by him (we all were). 
 The plants in the greenhouses are all grown using various types of hydroponics. Check out the tomato tree!
 Since Grace and Emma were the only two children on the tour Hannah, our tour guide, invited them to help her release ladybugs before she concluded our tour. What a wonderful surprise! 
 Releasing the ladybugs. They were a little tricky to get out of the vials. 
 Emma in Grandma Joan's hat during lunch. 
 While we wandered through the World Showcase the girls made sure to get their fans stamped and a flag added to it from each of the countries KidCot spots. This was such fun, and we highly recommend this to all who go to Epcot with littles! 
 Into Germany. 
Heading into China.

I'm so glad that we spent a full day at Epcot. There is just so much goodness there (and I don't just mean the food)! The girls really enjoyed Epcot, and I think that if they could ride the Living with the Land ride all day they would! Watching them release the ladybugs was really so very special, and is a moment that I will treasure from this day always. xo

Be sure to check back later tonight for a ltitle glimpse into what we were up to today! 


  1. I think if I were to head to Disney, this would be the spot for us :) Looks great Shel. xo

    1. You would love it at Epcot, Kim! It's totally up your alley and is definitely my favorite of the Disney parks! If you ever head down to Florida be sure to stop by Epcot. You'll surely be glad you did! xo

  2. This looks so amazing! How sweet that they got to release the ladybugs. Epcot looks so awesome... I would love to go there sometime.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

    1. Epcot is so much fun! It's totally our speed, not too crowded and not nearly as overwhelming as some of the other parks. And seriously, getting to release the ladybugs was the cherry on top of the sundae that day! So cool! xo