Wednesday, September 3, 2014

See Ya Real Soon!

 Friday was our last day at the parks. We started our day with a trip to the Magic Kingdom to do a few rides that we didn't get to do earlier in the week. Dave and Emma made a beeline for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride (the wait was an hour- too long of a line in my opinion). While he and Emma were in line Grandma Joan, Grandpa Ron, Grace and I had fun exploring the Magic Kingdom. We got to meet Snow White, which is awesome since this is Grandma's favorite princess. Now, if only Emma was with us so she could have been in this picture too!
 Emma in line at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride. They are glad that they got to ride it but even Dave admited that an hour wait for this ride may have been too long. 
 Waiting to meet Tinkerbell. 
Grace and her pal Tink. 
 The mosaics at Cinderella's Castle were simply enchanting!
 Rapunzel's tower. 
 After the Magic Kingdom we went back to the resort for some pool time and dinner. After dinner it was back to Epcot for some ice cream in France (oh gosh, how I loved that ice cream!).
 Good-bye, Epcot! Until we meet again!
 Next up the Magic Kingdom for the Electrical Light Parade. 
I cannot believe that it took me 'til my fourth trip to experience this fabulous parade. It was the perfect way to end our Disney adventure!

As we headed out of the Magic Kingdom that night I couldn't help but feel sad. This amazing trip had ended,and while I know we were all ready to be back north where the weather was cooler, we really had such a great time that it was sad to see it all end. We said "good-bye" and many "thank-yous" to Dave's parents that night as they were flying out the next morning (we didn't leave until Sunday so there are still more pictures to come). What an incredibly magical journey, and one full of memories that we will treasure forever! Though we do not yet know when we'll be back next we're looking forward to our next Disney adventure already. Whenever that may be! xo

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  1. What a perfect last day at Disney.

    1. It really was! I'm so glad that we went to the parade! It was even more amazing in person! xo

  2. Looks like a great trip and happy memories made with the grandparents too!

    1. It was an incredible trip indeed! xo