Monday, September 8, 2014

Morning, Noon And Night

Today we began our week with a lovely new tradition- a Waldorf inspired Rose Ceremony. I had read about this ceremony on various blogs that I frequent and couldn't shake the feeling that this was a tradition that we needed to add to our world too. With this notion on my mind and heart it worked its way into my soul even more when I saw this video of one school's Rose Ceremony. Maybe it was the song, or the sweet grade one students walking over to their grade eight buddy to receive their rose, whatever it was it just about did me in (and if I was that emotional over it I can only imagine what the mamas and papas of the kids were like).  So, roses were located, a sweet message to each girl was written and we welcomed a new year (and a new tradition) together today. 
After our sweet start to the day, the afternoon found us at Hopkinton State Park with other area homeschoolers for the Not Back to School gathering. It was a stellar afternoon spent with some kindred spirits and their sweet children. Kerry over at City Kids Homeschooling is one of my most favorite mama bloggers. To have the chance to finally meet in person was such a blessing! We have long known that we were kindred spirits and to spend and afternoon visiting only offered further confirmation of that fact. Through Kerry (and this gathering in general) today I am honored to have had the chance to meet Tracy from OFFKLTR. How she and I had not met in person before is beyond me but I am so very glad to have met her and her sweet girls today. Another kindred spirit indeed! Here's to the beginnings of a new circle of friends! Let our gatherings be frequent and plentiful! 
This evening brought the first day of the new dance year and with it Emma's first lost tooth! We had been waiting for this tooth to fall out for some time now, but especially for the last week where it was beyond loose. Leave it to Em to lose her first tooth at dance while practicing kicks! So tonight, the tooth fairy will be visiting her for the very first time. No doubt she will wake covered in glitter tomorrow morning and feeling just a smidgen older than she felt when she went to sleep tonight. What an amazing start to the week. I don't think this day could have been any more wonderful if it wanted to be! xo 


  1. What a perfect not-back-to-school day!!!! So happy you got to meet some fellow bloggers and enjoy some time with fellow homeschoolers. Best wishes for the upcoming year :)

  2. Sounds like the perfect first day Shel. I love the rose ceremony in Waldorf Schools, how lovely to bring into your home. You have me thinking for grade 1 next year :)

    So wonderful for you to hook up with some fellow bloggers and kindred spirits, reading about that made my heart sing for you :)

    And yay for the first lost tooth, how exciting!

  3. That video was so sweet! What a lovely way to start the school year. I'll remember that for next year with my two children. Looks like a wonderful start to the week!! Hope the rest of it is just as good.