Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A New Favorite Spot

Last Friday the girls and I did some much needed cleaning (hence the missing pink curtains on their windows). We spent most of the morning in their room, sorting through things they no longer need, thinning out stuff from the top of their dresser and bookcase and giving it a bit of a bigger girl "feel". This sweet room has grown with them beautifully, not needing much more than a simple little change to feel like a "bigger girl" room each time they moved from one stage to the next. The simple act of placing their dollhouse on the bookcase was one such change. The moment we did that the room just felt older to us. It's crazy how something so simple can have such a profound impact! As soon as the dollhouse was placed on the bookcase the girls got to work setting it up. It's so nice to finally have a place where it cam remain set up and be played with more easily than it has been in the past! It's seen lots of playtime already and I have a feeling it will be a favorite spot for many moons to come! xo 


  1. The perfect spot for it! Alice will be opening one for Christmas and I can just imagine the fun she will have with it looking at the fun your girls are having!

    1. Alice is going to love it (and you will too)! It's such a sweet dollhouse! Now that it has it's own space they are back to thinking about other Calico Critters sets they would like to add to it! Can't wait to see Alice's reaction to her dollhouse this Christmas! xo