Saturday, November 15, 2014

This Morning

This morning we took the girls to see the Wild Kratts Live! They had been counting down the days from the moment we bought the tickets last month, and were so excited that the day had finally arrived. Our seats were fabulous (front row of the balcony) and the show was so much fun. The girls, as well as all the kids in attendance, had such a great time seeing Chris and Martin on stage. Throughout the show the Kratt brothers would ask questions and the sea of kids would answer. It was amazing to hear all the kids sharing what they've learned from the Wild Kratts shows with the Kratt bros themselves! That alone was worth the price of the ticket! xo


  1. I didn't know they had Wild Kratts Live. Looks like so much fun!!

    1. Katie, we didn't either! One night my husband said to me: "It would be so cool to see the Wild Kratts Live!" A quick Google search informed us that they are currently touring (talk about the stars aligning)! The show was good, though it really is hard to turn the Wild Kratts cartoon into a live stage show and there were no live animals with them. It was fun though and the best part was seeing faces light up when they came on stage! Just fabulous! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, my girls are dying to see them live. I'm so glad to hear the show was fun and worth it, we are looking forward to seeing them when they make their way our west next year sometime.

  3. How fantastic! I love hearing how it was an interactive show with the kids getting involved as well. Wonderful- we love the Kratt Brothers in our house too. :)