Monday, November 3, 2014

Makin' A List

A few weeks ago I shared the picture of the two girls as our Friday moment. What I didn't share was the two pictures before it, the ones of Emma making the list. I just adore this series of pictures and couldn't let another day pass without sharing them here in our space. These pictures capture both girls so perfectly- but especially our Emma. She's always been a hard worker this girl of ours-always wanting to help and be in the mix of whatever job, chore or task is going on. Her papa and I have no doubt that her can-do spirit and dedication to whatever is being worked on is going to take her very far in life. xo


  1. So sweet! Love her little clipboard...very official. :)

  2. Love this series of photos my friend. xo

    1. Thanks, Kim! I had a feeling you'd love these! :) xo