Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Day, Another Adventure

 Craft Day at the library (followed by a trip to the mall to choose birthday presents for David and Grace) made for the perfect Emma and Mama Adventure yesterday! 
We arrived a little bit early to pick Grace up from dance camp and got to see a bit of the musical theater dance they were working on! What a treat! 
Yesterday morning I had to run to Target before dance camp so Dave packed Grace's lunch. I love how he added on to my note from the day before! 
Ready for camp (and looking like an older girl all of a sudden). This mama cannot take how fast the days, months and years are flying by! Nine is on the horizon! xo

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  1. Grace looks like a big kid now! You'll have to please let me know how you did those tie dye napkins- I think they'd be a fun summer project for Alice and me!