Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Yesterday And Today

Yesterday the girls set up our "summer table" and spent a good deal of time on the porch reading and knitting. Setting this spot up last year was one of our favorite things, and we all felt that it must be continued this year (and each summer as well). With the renovations taking place this summer I think this spot is going to be even more essential than it already was. 
In the evening, after dinner, the four of us spent some time tending the garden. 
Support was given to the peas and to this sweet Morning Glory that we were surprised to find growing in one of the garden beds. 
 The gnomes finally made it their spots in the garden beds, too. 
The day ended with the girls and Gretchen snuggled together in their "new" room. They've clearly missed sharing a bed, and there's talk that once they're back in their usual room that they'll be pushing their beds together again. 
 Today. 7:38am. The storage container arrives. 
 This will house most of our belongings for the duration of the renovations. 
By 7:48am the container was in it's spot in our driveway and the empty truck was on it's way back to the lot. 
 "Mama, we have our own dance floor!" 
Awaiting the addition of the larger furniture.  
 We did our first Camp Google experiment today. 
 The girls wondered what the eggs would do when different amounts of salt were dissolved in the water. It was decided that the only glass where the amount would change would be the middle one. 
It was fun to see the different results, though we all agreed that seeing the eggs at three different levels (like shown above) was our most favorite! 
Couches tipped on their sides + a table cloth = one super cool tent!
We're happy to have the boxes in the container and the house one step closer to being brought back to its usual gorgeous state! Thank you to everyone who helped us as we got ready for the renovations to begin. We are especially grateful to those who: loaned us bins and boxes, helped us pack, shared their knowledge, wisdom and suggestions with us, who are providing construction free shelter to our sweet guinea pig, and to those who have offered us places to escape to when we need a break from living in a construction zone. We are so blessed and so grateful to all of you and truly cannot thank each of you enough! xo


  1. Wow this renovation is bigger than I thought, can't wait to see the results :)

  2. The renovations will definitely be worth it! And your garden looks so good. When things start to be ready to harvest (like our beans and peppers) is when I start feeling like I need to expand next year! :) I hope to make those raised beds like you have next year.

  3. I'm so behind on reading that I didn't even know you were having so much work done. Looks like the girls are just going with it. LOVE the egg experiment and your gardens are looking wonderful!