Monday, July 13, 2015


 On Saturday while we were working on getting more of the house packed up I came across these two disposable cameras left over from our wedding almost thirteen years ago. They still had pictures to be taken so I set them aside to show to the girls when I had a moment. For as old fashioned as they are a camera with film was totally mind boggling to them. "I look in where?" "I wish I could see the pictures!" "Developed?!" Once they understood they had such fun taking pictures. Now, just to find somewhere to get them developed. It's been ages since I've needed to do that!
 Since Dave's parents and Donna and Peter had been out on the Cape they decided to stop by on their way home so they could celebrate David and Grace's birthdays with them. 
 The cool thing about having a grandma who's a college Chemistry professor is that you can score some pretty cool lab equipment for your birthday! 
 She was fascinated by the various slides that were gifted to her with the microscope. 
Thank you, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Ron for the fabulous microscope! 
This gift will surely be loved for years and years to come! 
Later that afternoon it was off to the mall with Aunt Donna and Uncle Peter for a special trip to the American Girl store. When the Doll of the Year is named Grace like you are and lives in Massachusetts like you do it just needs to be your birthday gift! Thank you, Donna and Peter, for such a special trip in honor of her upcoming special day! 
 Sunday we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at the Wayside Inn and were very enchanted by these sweet soldiers in the gift shop. 
 Then it was back home and right back to packing. These two never cease to amaze us with their dedication to whatever the project or task at hand is. We are so grateful and so blessed to have such incredible helpers. 
Looking at this pile of pictures I was struck by how much living was represented here. From college to our wedding to life as a family of four this pile represents all that's gone on in our lives since we graduated from Hartford in 1999. It's incredible to think that we're packing up our house to have the wounds from the Epic Winter That Was finally fixed (along with some projects we've been looking forward to doing since the day we bought this sweet place back in November 2003). It's going to be quite a journey over the next several weeks and we'll be sure to keep you updated along the way! xo


  1. What a lovely weekend and how perfect for Grace to have a Grace!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see the work you are doing to your home :)

  3. The Wayside Inn is on my list of places I really want to go to! Looks like a lovely weekend was had- that microscope is awesome!