Monday, July 27, 2015

And She's Off!

 Tonight I discovered Grace helping Emma learn to ride her bike. Emma gave it a good shot on Grace's bike but ultimately decided she'd rather give it a try on her (much-too-small-for-her) bike. She went back to our house, got out her wrench, removed her training wheels and...
 walked her bike back down the street to her sister. She proclaimed all the way that she would spend the next days and weeks figuring out how to ride her bike without training wheels if that's what it took. 

Grace headed home to change dresses.

 And no sooner did I say to my friend and neighbor Lily that "she'll probably start riding her bike like right now" than she did!
What a sight to see! 
 And us mamas just smiled with pride as another little from the street was now on two wheels! There's truly nothing like watching them learn to ride and seeing the pride on their face when it all just comes together right before their eyes. It's pretty much as awesome as when they first laugh, or first figure out how to walk. It's a moment that none of us shall ever forget! 
Grace returned and was super surprised to see Emma riding (as we knew she would be)! 
She is so proud. We all are so proud. And what makes me even more proud is how she waited until the moment it felt right in her soul for her to take her training wheels off (for good). They had been off before and were then put back on and remained so until this very night when it was finally her time. Watching her glide past us tonight was as if she had never had those training wheels on at all.  It was as if she had been riding a two wheeler her whole life. What an absolutely beautiful sight on this absolutely most beautiful of nights! Congrats, Emma! We are so very, very proud of you! xo


  1. Way to go Grace, this is wonderful!

    Shel I will never forget watching Reece ride his bike on his own, without his training wheels, the first time. It was such a special moment, done in his own time as well. Always such a pleasure and joy to see it all unfold as they wish it to.


  2. It is really a special moment when your child figures out how to ride a two wheeler! Congratulations, Emma!