Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In Which Emma And Mama Go To The Lake

Yesterday was Grace's first day of full day dance camp! And while she was a little nervous about what it would be like to be somewhere from 9:00-3:00 she was super excited too (or"nervouscited" as she says). Since she's off having a blast with her friends and dancing her heart out Emma and I decided to take this week to do all sorts of fun Emma and Mama adventures! Our first adventure was a trip to the lake. We met up with a couple of friends that we had not seen since April break, and the girls played while we mamas chatted. It was divine, and a most fabulous way to kick off Emma and Mama's Week of Adventures! 
Heading home after a fun day at the lake. 
With Grace being at camp for a full day each day a lunch and snack are needed. We picked up a fun new lunchbox for her over the weekend since the last one we bought for her (four years ago now) was definitely ready to be retired. I packed her lunch Monday morning while she was getting dressed and included a sweet little note for her to find during snack time. She was super curious about what I had packed for her, but we wouldn't let her peek before we left the house!

Her first day of camp was beyond fabulous (though she did come home super, super tired) and our first day of adventuring was wonderful, too! It is very strange to be without our Grace for so long, but Emma and I are completely treasuring this extra time we have together, too! xo


  1. How wonderful for Grace, I hope she has a great week at dance camp. And goodness, you and Emma are going to have a great week. So nice for Emma to have a little bit of time with you, by herself. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Kim! She is having such a blast! Emma and I are totally soaking in all this amazing time! We've never had six hours a day of just us! She chooses what we do each day and off we go! It's fabulous!

      We have a little something we'll be getting in the mail for Reece this week! Hope all is well up north! xo

  2. I hope she enjoyed camp!! Isn't it nice to be able to spend one-on-one time with them? I recently took Brendan to the movies without Megan tagging along. It felt strange but good for sure!! : )